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Friday, February 08, 2008
visited nunnie yesterday night together with aida, nani, yat and daud. (: we managed to had fun laughing like mad weirdos. haha. ;) (right aida?) well, nunnie's alright now. i mean, it's not right for someone to be mourning yeah? let the past be the past. we have to live for the present and the future. nunn, we'll be here for you! (: we offered prayers to her late mum yesterday and it was obvious that tears were streaming down from daud's eyes cause he was constantly wiping it away...


am working today! reached at 12.20 an no one was there! erwan was late and only 1 manager, 1 supervisor, 1 entrance, 1 exit, 1 cashier and 1 floor opened the store. haha! it was total madness but it was ok. (: the crowd was crazy! so many people! and and and, THERE WERE LIKE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE QUEUE-ING TO TAKE THE SHUTTLE BUS TO SENTOSA! ALOT! i should have taken the photos so that i can post it up here, but i was rushing to actually bother to take a picture. haha. damn. should have seen the crowd yourself. i went *gasp! so many people!* haha.

working again tomorrow. WILL GET TO MEET SHAIZAH! damn. i miss her truckloads. :D

am alone at home now. it's like 12.15 am, i'm hungry and i'm bored. haha.

will be going out with jasmine, siew hwee, shi li, anis and brandon this sat! YAY! i can't wait to meet darling jasmine and darling shi li! :D

shi li, siew hwee, jasmine, me! :D

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