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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
ok. 2 more days till school's out! YAY. i'm all ready to have one whole week of rotting at home! :D i can hear my bed calling me to sleep till noon. heh.

been spending alot of time with jasmine lately. heh. ILY JASMINE! :D

i miss CHI AND SHAIZAH. ):

can't wait for saturday! heh. shall we go somewhere after the engagement? lets go catch a movie! i wanna watch the spiderwick chronicles. (:

all my activities are already lined up. in this month itself, i'll rot for a week, go to akhim's birthday party, FIND TIME TO GO HARD ROCK, work work and work, spend more time on the net and wait and wait and wait till poly application gets released. and as for april, i'll wait for 4 days till my poly application gets released and i'll see what goes on from there. on the 9th or 10th april, may be having a cohort gathering at aloha pool terrace. coolios. will definitely go. (: so that summarises my plans for march and april. HAHA. yeah. a bit boring la.

when shall we meet, FATIN AND ADA? i miss you lar! XD

attachment place is freezing me to death! GAH. (:


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