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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
lately, life's been all about work. heh. i mean, it's definitely better than doing nothing right? so, wekkdays at work rocks my socks cause there's not much of a crowd. (: but once our walkies starts blaring off, it means hell has bestow upon paradise(in simpler terms, BOSS). quarelled with shafiq the other day. pfft. don't have to make so much noise what. and don't call other people "stupid". human tend to make mistakes. and i wasn't siding him. heck. i wans't siding you either. you could told him off nicely. don't have to scream. sheesh. alif's back at work! yay! going home won't be lonely anymore! :D


gonna miss rad alot. boo. no more lame jokes with her at the exit. RAD, COME BACK! ): i miss you already lar sey.

chi, shai and jas, when are we gonna meet up? fatin, adaw, khai and nisa, meet up? octops, meet up? cca comm, meet up? i wanna meet up with everyone! ):

there may be a tru mini gathering this fri. cool lar sey. (:

ok. wad else is there to blog? hmm.

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