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Friday, March 14, 2008
yeah! attachment's finally over. all the colleagues "yay-ed" together with us. but we know, they're gonna miss us. (: heh.

fidzah told me my schedule for next week alr; tues, thurs and fri- aftn and sun full. heh. oh, it came along with "welcome back to hell". HAHA!

yay! tomorrow is saturday! will get to meet radhiya, chi, shaizah, lan, nuz, wan, ann and i have no idea who else. heh. (: yay yay yay! :D oh, zu and rafi too. a pity darling jasmine won't be down. it's her brother's birthday! *chye, I MISS YOU!*

ok. my mind's empty on what to blog now. hmm.

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