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Friday, March 07, 2008
well, yesterday went to watch leap years with chye larling. heh. coincidentally, chilli larling also watched it with her friend. heh. LEAP YEARS IS A MUST WATCH. MUST MUST MUST. i love it. kudos to raintree productions. XD

at work now. yeah. working and blogging at the same time. i don't have time to be online these days. haha. well, 6 more days to go till end of attachment. i can't wait. 6 more days to ultimate freedom. so, that'll be end of attachment and school but definitely not the end of the friendships made. (: so, i still have a month more to party like crazy and then (hopefully) poly life will begin. yeah. POLY! i hope i can get into poly; make my mum proud, prove to dad that yes, i am in poly and prove to that no-good-granddad and grandmum of mine that ite students can go far. (: yeah. ITE ROCKS MA SOCKS. :D

well, i'm thankful that i chose ite as a platform for my education after o's cause it has definitely been beneficial. even though we learn the basics, basics are the most important thing ever in everything you do. it is definitely a stepping stone to success. i also thank ite for the opportunities given. for being in student council- getting actively involve in all kinds of activities, for being in floorball- getting third in the inter college competition in 2006, for being able to go to Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India for Youth Expedition Programme(YEP), for all the friendship made, for all the tears and laughter shared, everything. school meant everything. in 6 days, school will be over. yeah. it's time to start a new phase in my life. (:

be ready.

"if you're not too long, then i'll be right here,
waiting for you all my life."

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