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Monday, March 17, 2008
i realised. 2 years really pass on fast. somehow, it feels like just yesterday i entered into ITE. haha. and on my first day, i didn't interact with my classmate (only 2 je lar) but instead, i was introduced to sasa's classmate. heh. ok lar tu.

and now, it's already the end of my ITE life. it's that fast, isn't it? soon, (hopefully) i'll land myself into poly. (:

i can't imagine how things are gonna be right now, it's all work, work, work. cause rotting at home ain't fun either. and going out too much can cause burn marks on my nets card. heh.


nuz kept reminding me, "don't forget to tell me your last day at work". i told fidzah and she said, "that's not gonna happen". HAHA! we'll see. (:

saturday went ok. there was erwan, fidza, sharon, amirul, wan, alif, me, zuhayr, firdaus, shaizah, ann, qiao ying, chilli, lan, and nuz. ramai pe. haha! after the whole "seeing-yati-in-her-engagement-clothes-and-taking-loads-of-pictures-and-talk-so-much-and-laugh-like-crazy-people" we head on to orchard. but there was only, me, nuz, zuhayr, amirul, wan, firdaus, fidza and jan, whom joined us much later. heh. we wanted to catch a movie, either the orphanage or something else i can't remember, the queue at cineleisure was crazy! heh. so we headed on to lido, where jan was already waiting. i waited with nuz, wan and amirul then i didn't know what happened to our movie. haha! oh well. we head on to far east for dinner! YEAH! our stomachs were grumbling by then, except for fidza's, which she claims was going "metallica". haha! after dinner, we headed on to tru pg. you sure don't wanna know what happen there. heh. we went our separate ways later. i went home with nuz, ridhwan went home alone, so on so forth. yeah.

nuz and i sure talked alot on our way home. thanks a lot nuz for being my listening ear all this while. (: thanks for entertaining my craps. thanks fo rwasting your sms-es on me. thanks for saying that you're different and you won't forget friends. thanks for being crazy with me. (: and now nuz, i seriously gotta teach you how to be romantic. at this rate you're going, you are so not gonna get *. pfft.

ann(winx club) is resigning soon. i'm only left with 3 days to bitch with her. boo. ): no more kedai mamak la sey at my exit. ):

i'm bored now at home and nowadays, it's rainy! (: i love rainy days. (:

ok. i miss so many people la! too many to mention. heh.

off to lunch! :D

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