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Saturday, March 22, 2008
things have taken a toll on it's own. some things just happen when you least expect it to. but i still remember, back at my own batch, i went through 2 failed promotions. maybe it was just sheer dumb luck. haha! what happened recently blew my mind away. *shidah, you owe me alot of explaination* (:

been working. just the other day, boss said to me, "you better not make me pissed today, or else i give you a fucking tight slap". a lady saw what happen and she gave me a very shocked look. talk about having a grumpy boss. and all i did was to follow my supervisor's instruction. and on that very day, every one else got scolded including my manager. he even said to the manager, "you want me to bang your head with the customer's head is it?". will someone sack him, please? hell yeah, he's a good worker, no, make it great, but his language's just fucking rude. when he's in a bad mood, that's it. SCRAM. oh. i'm probably looking for a new job soon. but hell, been with tru for more than a year now. man, i really got no idea. crap.

i wanna watch vantage point badly. no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, neither is my english's incorrect. it is vantage and not vintage. anybody wanna watch it with me? haha.

life's been awkward ever since school's out. weekdays are just full of nothingness and work. haha.


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