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Monday, April 14, 2008
met up with jun, mun and nani the other day. been such a long time since we last met! ;D i had a great time- laughing non stop. had to leave early cause was working the next day.

work was crazy! no, wandi was crazy. khai too. i love ranting things out with khai. heh.

jun has left for taiwan. counting down the days till he'll be back. 13th april - 6th may.

i actually planned out what to write for this post. but... I FORGOT. heh.

"In the darkest night, the brightest star will always shine. Twinkling up so high, we think we are so far. Even if it's true, look up at the sky, we are looking at that same star"
-junaidi, 13 apr, 2124 hours-

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