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Saturday, April 26, 2008
science dumb-ass faci gave me a C for her module.

mum made me pissed at her today.

a friend's thinking of going suicidal.

i want that G-shock black and green watch badly.

mum says she don't wanna come for my ite grad unless it's poly grad.

i just realised i was the one who bought my own birthday gift.

my mouse isn't working though i've changed the batteries.

my 80 cents penknife that i lost is now $1.40 and the price tag's labelled as "special offer".

i can't find my ipod cable.

i need shopping therapy.

i can't find that deuter bag anywhere.

wanna get ipanemas/brazilano praias but pay's days away.

at times like this, i wished jun was around to listen to my rants. cause no one else will entertain my crap.

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