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Friday, April 11, 2008
bumped into jup and yuji yesterday in school. heh. have yet to bump into any more. bumped into fir and lokman already. heh. surprisingly, bumped into iqbal today. didn't expect to see him at all! kinda forgotten that he's studying in RP. anw, he asked whether i was in Year 2 or 3. of course i said Year 1. PROUD TO BE ONE! ;D and he said he's in year 2 and he's already late for class. he's late for 20 freaking minutes lar! lols.

friday's gonna be izzah's, nisa's, sidie's, syafiq's, izan's and my colour day. we will be wearing the same colur clothing to school.

E35Q malay groupie(me, cd, fiz, nisa and zah) camwhored after school! lols. FUN! ;D heh.

ok. bored. i forgot what i wanted to write actually. hmm.

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