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Thursday, April 24, 2008
a cousin asked me recently whether i was in rp. i asked like where he got that info and he said from grand dad. and boy, wqas i glad that he(the cousin) was proud of my achievement, though in RP but taking biotechnology. something that he wanted to take back then.

and i'm proud of him too, for having to graduate from TP with a diploma in mechatronics. (:

and i remember vividly, my paternal grandparents were dissapointed in me over the fact that i chose ITE and not poly back when i took my o's. but i'm glad, I CHOSE ITE, cause it was the greatest education i've ever received. and thus, i prove them wrong. I AM IN POLY NOW. i made it. they thought i couldn't. but here i am in poly now. i don't care if it's RP. all matters is that i'm in RP. another cousin, who got into ITE, said to me once that our grand dad said to him, "(translated to eng) since you're in ITE, after graduation, you can just be a barber". damn he looked down on us. but hey, my cousin's joining poly after ns soon. (: KUDOS TO THE BOTH OF US, WE SURE PROVED THEM WRONG. and i'm proud of the both of us, for making it thus far.

and now, mum has started to mention university to me. zzz.

how do you differentiate between avoidance or not avoiding.....?

to really wait or not to wait.....?
i guess i am that stupid huh?
but anw, thanks for knowing how it feels like...

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