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Monday, April 21, 2008
work was pretty much pleasant yesterday. unexpected things happened. pretty much contented now.

was late for school, together with nuz nuz but both of us were graded present and not late. THANKS FACI!

met up with fazli just now. I MISS HIM LAR SEY. miss those secretariat moments. (: now, both of us have to start with a new environment. GANBATE FAZ! XD

ok, pictures taken on our vivo outing! heh.
sidie and me!

(from L to R) syafiq, nisa, izzah, me, sidie!

the adidas enthusiasts: sidie, syafiq and me. guess which one belongs to the right owner.

superman! XD

ok. was msn-ing with su when she send me the picture below. man, i miss college east. ):

ignITE, school of AHS BLs and 2 extra SC. (:

cause you will never know it feels like.
but thank you so much.
not to ignore.


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