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Monday, May 05, 2008

believe it or not, i spent 19 hours with her yesterday. YES. you see it right. NINETEEN-CRAZY-HOURS. (in town. zzz.) (: we laughed, we rant, we cry, we screamed, we walk, we complained and we whined. all in nineteen hours. thanks rin.

watched ironman at 2330 hours. (: rin, fadly and i reached home at about 4 am. yay! ironman and the companion sure made up for what rin and i went through in the morning. THANKS FADLY AND RIN! (:

till when will you run away from me..?

went to seletar damp/park i don't know what it's called with AZ and MILK. ((:

the more i think, the more sleepy i get..

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