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dispute-till when
Tuesday, May 06, 2008
thou shall always be forgiving towards anyone.

but am i to forgive blindly? i'm guessing both of us are expecting each other to apologise. may i quote, "if u're in a dispute woudn't u want time away frm it?" well, you gotta solve it right? just because of a minute thing, our friendship turn sour?

look, i've heard so many different perceptions on how to forget about the whole issue and ignore you. but no, i'm ignorant towards them and i'm trying my best to save our friendship. i wanted to settle our dispute. but all you could say was "can u juz leave me alone?".

why are you angry at me? may i quote, "die tk paham org argh.../she doesn't understand people". who doesn't understand who? you don't understand me or i don't understand you? it all started because of money issue. and then you started having implications on something else. and now, you're mad at me. great. aren't i suppose to be the one angry at you? i'm still insisting that it isn't my fault. but no, i'm not stating that it's yours. i'm just saying that it's a misunderstanding and both of us should get over it.

don't you want to save our friendship boy?

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