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Monday, May 19, 2008
the other day, my pres asked why i haven't been going for training. i explain to him my reasons. and i also brought up the matter that they wanna send me to both ISC and IVP without basics. and he said, "i tot u got some back ground?according to feroz". just as i expected. (: i seriously have no comments.

yesterday, khai talked to me regarding matters at woork- people don't regard him as a supervisor anymore, he doesn't get the respect that he deserves, the managers feel that he's no longer dependable and always giving him the leftover work and many more. i have no idea what to answer to him. alot of thing went through my mind. i wanted to tell him straight to the point but at the same time not to hurt him also. i guess, i'm the only one that doesn't show how much i hate him. seems like backstabbing but i don't know. i mean, i'm like his comfort zone, the one that he can depend on when he feels upset about work. yes, he is always the one making my life misreable.. damn, i hate this kind of situations.
and khai, please don't ever mention to me about faizul anymore. i really don't care. haha! and if you're going to bangkok, buy me something! (:

my stomach's killing me. am guessing that nazrul has eventually gave up on advising me to go to the doctor. sorry man.

yesterday ziana asked why i quit at paragon. damn.

i wanna go to the fire safety and first aid course thing! ):

jun, i wanna go out with you! (:

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