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Friday, May 02, 2008
Ok. This post is especially dedicated to all those moments I had in ITE. Student council to floorball, from JB0604A to JB0604P, from Singapore to India, café 1 to café 2 to café 3, from Nasi Ayam to Dry Chicken Noodle to the freshly fried Roti Pratas to the delicious Western Food, to the Chicken Paus and Siew Mais, from the Forum to the Stadium, Student Council Room to the Indoor Sports Hall.

I really miss those days spent in ITE. I’m sorry if I took life in ITE for granted. How I wish I could repeat it again..

College East, where i was proud to be in.

the favourite spot outside cafe one.

the partners in crime
the ones that was always making life go crazy.
the one who always made us laugh.
the one i miss so much.
the one that always takes care of our welfare.
Student Council AY06/07.
YEP @ Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India.
the ones that would stick together.

the orphanage we lived in.

the ladies.

the gents.

the notorious six.

the attachment buddies.

So now, all of us have respectively move on with our own lives. But deep down i know, in every heart of JB0604P, we miss our ITE days...

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