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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
it's already 12.40 in the morning but i'm still like wide awake. tomorrow will be UT for science. i think i'm gonna flunk that test. so much for me being a science student. hah!

i kinda am getting a VIP star card. can get 10% discount when buying toys! yay! (:

sometimes, when love is taking over you, whatever your other half does is always right, no matter how hurtful it may be. in the end, subconciously, you're the one always getting hurt, trying to protect your other half.

it's been a month since i started poly life and the class i'm in seems to be the greatest one so far(though it's full of youngsters) haha! there's like onlly 4 of us who are 19 and above. yay us. but i realise, whenever it comes to wanting to know what something actually means and what is the right thing to do, my team mate always ask me. haha! i can't imagine how it's gonna be like when we change class. cause it's difficult for me to make new friends la..

hmm, 4 more days to graduation! man, i'll get to meet JB0604P! yay! reminisce back those days. but it'll be a teary departure.. man. i miss them so. the 3 hours long break, the sleeping in class, the chewing non stop on sweets, the self declared holidays every friday. the "botak", the labcoat sessions, the phase tests, the bitching in class, the chalets and bbqs, the "nenek tua" naggings, the self declared breaks and walking over to cafe 3 cause we're hungry, my "mau pe" sessions with yana and manymore. they were the remedy to any kind of sickness. (:

to compete or not to compete? i feel that all i'm doing is just run, run and run more-build up my stamina. but don't u guys realise that i have no basic and the competition's just less than a month away? dammit.where's meerin when i need him most?

i thought poly's gonna be abit more relaxed than ITE, but no, it's almost the same actually. i'm not trying to critic the school's infrastructure or anything but shouldn't labs that handle microbiology be located at the top floor? hmm.

lokman told me the other day that yong's making a gathering on the 25th(i think) to sentosa and man actually asked me along. (in my head, i was like, wouldn't it be a usual clique thing- man, rudy, shahril, etc) *shrugs* but lokman's like full of surprises. the other day, after the meeting at SSF, farah, mun man and myself went for dinner. he bought drinks and the most shocking part was he actually like open the can and pour it into the cup for you. no one has ever done it for me before la. haha! i guess there's always a first for something. lol.

jan and i like quarelled before boarding the taxi yesterday. i wanted to sit at the back and he wanted to. we bickered for a min, i gave in and sat at the front. since i was holding on to the cab fare, he asked me for the money twice but i neglected him. he gave up and closed the door for me. haha! in the cab, he asked me something that i put away at the end of last year. hmm. it set me thinking though. how does it feel when someone knows you but you don't know who the person is..?

junaidi, the best remedy to any kind of problems. (:

what have i got myself into?

"then i can't help u sia.. if i got silat background then i can teach you" - junaidi, 13/05/08 01:21AM

"i'm soe.. ..... i really set high standards.." - *gofigure*, 12/05/08 10:39PM

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