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Friday, May 02, 2008
daud's grandma passed away today. sadly, jun isn't around to share the sorrow. *jun, come back quick!*

fadly's no longer working at tru. man. i miss him so.. his call just now really made my night. (:

wandi's calling me "cleaner/ghost rider/whatever he pleases" at work. he even said he misses the "ite simei" me. he don't like the "republic" me. haha. and my new colleague thought i was twenty-five. WTF.

syahirah came down to tru yesterday. I MISS HER LA! (: (she's the goth exit. lol)

new pinoys arrived yesterday. and they make me miss jon, sherwin, glenn and mark even more. ):

su thanked me for being her friend. (:


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