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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
when i saw the picture that was the most appealing, it kind of hit me straight into the brain, "who the hell am i compared to her? she's just so beautiful. no wonder everyone's going crazy over her". god dammit.

as i stand alone in the bus(yes, the bus was packed and i didn't feel like going home by train), it kinda got me thinking, there is really so much i'm thinking about right now. i need to get it off my brain- school, IG, life, *gofigure*, work. i feel like crying but when i realise, there are alot of people, i told myself to control my emotions. when i was walking towards home, a sudden gush of wind blew past my face. it just felt so calm and peaceful, something that i haven't been feeling all this while. i miss the moments where seating at the west coast park jetty was heaven.

and suddenly, i feel so emo.

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