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Thursday, June 05, 2008
well, on the phone now with elmo.

just wrote in a complain letter to LTA over the cab incident. it happened last sunday actually. i know, it's been long ago, but dad's pestering.

junnie baby haven't been contacting me. ):

have silat tomorrow. meeting ADAWIYAH finally! oh, and alif anwari too! (:

the other day, i boarded the train, a bunch of teenagers were spouting vulgarities like as if the train was empty. dammit. people were staring at them yet they think they're so cool. teenagers. pfft. (okok, i'm one too.)

ok ok. i am a plan wrecker. 7 people asked me out but all got rejected cause of silat. muahahaha. ok. zzzzz. -.-

alhamdulillah, daud pass tp. FINALLY! boleh dia drive aku ehk. hehe.

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