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Saturday, June 21, 2008
45 mins. that's all you took to make me so mad at you. no sms, no call. both herself and i waited impatiently for you. called your house and your mum said you left house early. what are the odds that you need 2 hours to travel from clementi to bedok? we were already late. we walked away, knowing that you would reach there somehow, without getting mad at me. a friend then called her, telling us to wait at NTUC. we waited and there you were, walking with your friends. you saw me, but you just pretended you did not.

so i just continued the journey with her. when we reached persisi, my presence did not make a difference over the fact whether i was there or i was not there. so i gave up and walked away. all you could do was call out my name, ONCE. no apologies, no acknowledgement. felt like as if i wasted my time and transportation money travelling from woodlands to bedok.

what do you take me for? an idiot? dammit. da la! da malas la.


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