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Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Aliff Anwari, the greatest childhood friend. EVER.

"exit, you better discipline your cashier before i discipline you"- words from the boss. darn.

"ain, kau tanyer dia sikit mana kening dia"- azlan aka flash. HAHA!

"i think i need to resign soon"- batman. ):

"and thats what she got. nice ice cold me!"- shasha. YOU GO GIRL! haha.

i miss school. cause everyday, i'll always see this familiar face at my train station- the specky boy. and i'll always run into him in school. haha. (more to like, i miss seeing him) LOLS.

with you around, i feel like i'm a paedophile. god. help me.

"kalau dia jodoh kita, kita tak payah nak carik"- mummy

and i can't deny it. i'm still into you..

ok. forget all and start new!


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