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Saturday, June 14, 2008
talked to azzy on the phone till 5.30 am today. it was a good heartfelt talk. thanks zy.

age. that has been running through our minds lately. whats with us and the age? but does age really matter much when it comes to the heart skipping a beat? definitely, maturity does not comes with age. but is it true? it all depends on an individual. it is also known as common sense sometimes. but some people just do not get it.

mixed signals. how do you feel if someone gives you mixed signals? as a girl, sometimes you can just tell whether he's into you, in self denial or making use of you. but in the end, you will end up getting hurt eventually.

confession. in this modern day and age, more girls are likely to confessed to the guy because sometimes, the guy is just so slow. but again, the girl will end up getting hurt. and after getting hurt, the guy will coax her and again, it gives off the wrong signals.

looks. does it really matter? definitely not. but what if you have low self-esteem about your own looks and finding a better looking other half is priority as it helps to boost YOUR self-esteem?

love. define love. i often believe that to fall in love with your own friend that you know his flaws and traits are best as when heated arguments arise, you know how to coax them by doing the right things. a close friend of mine says to love is to show care and concern, to be there for her when she needs someone- in other words, he is saying he loves me. but the love we have for each other does not go beyond friendship. it has a broad definition actually. what is your take on it?

well, life is too short to get wasted. enjoy while you still can. but do not forget- do not go beyond what your religion forbids you to do and keep your religion close to your heart.

and honestly, you are still the one.. ♥

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