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Sunday, June 15, 2008
because YOU were the one i had hopes for. but the moment you said those words, my world came tumbling down.

you were always there when i needed someone by my side, we shared stuffs up to the tiniest details, we had heated arguments which led to nights of tears and almost a broken friendship, she said our arguments seemed like as if we were attached, she even called us the "invisible couple".

i did so much to show you how sincere i was. but no, you had to say, "you know how my standards are". and at that moment, i know i wasted so much effort just to make you feel satisfied. but no, you did not want to make me part of your world.

and i know, you are still in a state of denial and you are still clinging on to the hope that she will belong to you one day.

thank you for the much wasted effort.

but damn, your image is still lingering in my mind..

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