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Monday, July 07, 2008
When the past starts haunting me, sometimes, I wish not to go back to it. Reminiscing the past can sometimes be something that I wish did not happen at all. I don’t like it when someone actually brings up the past and wanting me to change it for the better. No. what happened in the past shall remain that way. It will only change when my heart wants it to.

Staying at home feeling weak and useless is something that I hate to do. Yes, there are countless amount of people saying, “go to the doctor”, but those who know me well should fully understand that I am lazy to. And I wonder to myself sometimes, till when am I going to keep getting sick?

Lyy’s grandpa passed away this noon. My condolences to her.

Batman hasn’t been contacting me lately. Ok, must be another quarrel. Ya ya, all of it was my mistake. It’s so foolish of me to actually want to pass you chocolates to make your day. Pfft.

Confessions. What are the pros and cons to it? Yes, it was foolish of me to confessed. You said we’ll remain friends, but it seems to me that you’re the one who is avoiding me. Well, I’ll just have to look forward to 14th. Hope it’ll all work out well for you. Insya Allah.

Back to Selatra trainings on Tuesdays and maybe Thursdays and Saturdays. And STK’s trainings will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. Seems like the only day I’m free is on Monday. You’re asking about Sunday? It’s my working day. (:

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All of it wasn’t worthwhile..

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