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Friday, July 18, 2008
before i reach home, i actually planned out what i wanted to update. unfortunately, when i reach this very site, my mind went blank. -.-

so ok, will be involved in the Presidents' visit to RP. will be doing the bunga-bunga. so basically, we are the opening for his appearance at the sports complex. so yeah.

NDP training makes me go crazy every time; moon, azhar and mr-i-don't-know-his-name. lol. oh oh oh. and not forgetting, the free food. (:

"i miss you. thanks for all the slides that u pass me. i hate purple but you look good in it. next week we msn then go break together ok?"- Mark. (:


i feel contentment today. no, i'm not wanting to rub salt into the wound. it's just that, when people get too complacent sometimes, they find it difficult to accept it if they fall HARD to the ground. be humble like me and things will all be perfectly fine. (:

i have a feeling my enterprise faci wanna make me her bestest student. every now and then, i'll be her example target. when i'm late for class, she'll be asking the rest where am i, whether i'm coming, etc, etc. ish.

the neighbour who used to left me smitten then makes me wanna beat him up someday now. irritating a*shole. f*ck. to hell with him and his lame "clan". pfft. same goes to that N-A-R guy. pfft.

i wanna go catch the dark knight. =D

went over to Vivo yesterday to take my D&D tix. heh. then i went over to camper. and lucky me, fadly was working. fadly, i miss you. (:

what else is there to write about? hmm.

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