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Harmony Works Conference 2008
Sunday, July 27, 2008

on the 26th of July, syafiq, sidie and myself attended the Harmony Works Conference 2008. we were sleeeeeeeeeeepy (it's a Saturday for goodness sake). there were a total of 400 participants. (quite dissapointed the purple-coloured uniform madrasah boys weren't around or i'd be able to wash eyes. heh) sidetrack. we ate THRICE!- breakfast, lunch and tea-break. (:

the topic for the day was "Beyond Tolerance, Embracing Diversity". if you guys were wondering whether it was boring or not, wrong person to ask because i'm used to attending these kind of conferences. so peepos, let the pictures do the talking! peepos, let the pictures do the talking!


we ate thrice!

grouped with Anderson JC girls (:

syaf, me, sid.

not to call it quits? help me.

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