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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
This post is kinda overdue. Haha. Well,

So on this very day, I had "partial" marked on my attendance. So Wanto and I planned to eat thosai over at Serangoon but in the end, Su influenced us into taking some random bus and we went over to Bugis instead. HAHA. Lunch-ed at Tong Seng was crazy. Heh. Train-ed over to Tanjong Pagar to collect Wanto's pay. Wooh. He's richer by a bit. Lol. Then we trained back to City Hall cause i needed to meet a friend. Su left halfway. So Wanto and I walked over to RCSC and went to J.Co Donuts & Coffee. Daud wasn't there. DAMMIT. So the both of us walked over to (I forgot what's the name of the shop) and bought Fried Mars Bars. FUCKING NICE LA. WOOH. Fried Mars Bars are ORGASMIC. We then walked over back to J.Co cause Daud appeared. He bought me donuts! =D YUM YUM

Alcapone & Oreology

dear you,
i don't regret being friends with you. it's just that, if being friends with you deteriorates other friendship then i'll avoid. i'll start to avoid you, so as to satisfy others. i'll accomodate. i'll stand my ground. if you think that i'm an idiot for wanting to do all this then i'm sorry. i don't want things to become worsen. when everything's fine and no one has anything against each other then i'll start to talk to you. whatever happens, i'll be here. i'll be right here. waiting for you.

"whatever happens, you will always be my friend (:" 11/07/08; 12:27am

and i am gonna miss you, Tiramisu.

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