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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thanks for the idea Izzah. I went home and read it at my personal space and tears roll down.. I will miss you guys. And thanks E35R, for the "peace" made and "treaty" signed after 16 weeks together. (:

“Ayeen, jangan lupa orang lama kalau dah masok claz baru okay(don’t forget me when you enter a new class okay)! I will miss you lotz.. Ur loud, screamy music, blur face when you enter class first thing in da morning. Haha. Hope that all of us can still hang out or have lunch together. All the best next sem. Miss ya lotz.” – Izan

“Heyo Ain. Glad to have known ya as a friend. Even though we only worked together for a short period, i’ve enjoyed the time spent =) i’ll miss your humour & hope that you’ve got something out of this friendship. Rock on, peace out” – Chevalyn

“Yo, first person from the class to talk with on messenger….. Fierce haha! Can’t seek solace in me =D “ – Amir

“Ain!!! Still rmb first enterprise lesson i didn’t really know your name even if we’re in the same group. Haha. Anyway nice knowing you. Take care & keep in touch yea! =)” – Monchichi, Ga Yan

“My part time gf. You’re very understanding. Always there to cheer me up everytime i’m down. Btw, my mum made ‘bubur durian’ love it!” – PSJ

“Yo ain. It is really nice for me to be the same class. However, spare me the hitting!” – Joe

“Dear ain, your fun + love + happiness all bottled up in one body. I will miss your joy & laughter. Don’t forget me.” – Nisa

“My first friend whom i made on the 1st day of school. :) i love you. I love love love love love you!!!” – Vig :D

“Through the good old days are coming to an end soon, here i wish you good luck for the rest of the rp days ahead :)” – Kenneth :)

“Haha. I see you I think of myself as a pretty butch. Lol. Will keep the photo well. Cya ard!” – Pretty Butch (aka Zheng Hao)

“Woots. Sweets, friends we are, forever friends we’ll b. You mean the world to me, i hope the same w’ya. You’re always helping me, whatever it takes, you’ll do(computing). Now that we’re growing older, changing our ways, i know we won’t lose our friendship. With love,” – Cassandra

“Izzah gonna miss you damn a lot lah! You forget me, watch out! Must keep in touch ok! Love you!” – Izzah

“Hello Ayeen =) wahahas! Very fwenly and nice gal. Keep in touch =)” – WS

“Yo yo yo yo yo yo! It’s been a great sem. You and your disturbing presence, never fails to poke me *grrr*. Anyway, it’s not the end of the world. Hope to see you around in school. Take care yeah” – Josiah

“Hello. At first when i saw you, i felt that you were kinda scary & i didn’t really dare to approach you. You’re a fun person to be w and even if i’m not close to you, i enjoy it when we talk, cuz we’re all crazy!! *can’t wait for the chalet!!!” – Steph

“God bless you” – Milana

“Ayeen, all the best!” - G104 faci, Lim YM

“Hi ain, I will always rmb the time I spent with you :) remember I used to call your name wrongly?? It’s your mum’s name :) let’s keep in touch.” – Sarah

“Hi ayeen! Nice to meet you. Sorry for giving you problem in class. Forgive ya! See ya! Take care.” – Gui Rong

“Ain!! I swear u have a great pair of listening ears.. Lol :D still remember the time we shared so much while waiting 4 963 & talked even more in the bus!!! Poor Izan was left alone… Haha!! ~ <3>

And I'll miss each and every one of you. (:

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