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Monday, August 04, 2008
despite having the red eye, i went against all odds and went out with Soosoo and Daud. Initially, wanted to have lunch at Hajah Maimunah over at Joo Chiat, but when we reached, it was closed. -.- took us a good 10 minutes to decide on where to eat and finally, decided to head over to Hajah Maimunah at Bugis (with me praying hard it'll be open and thank god, it was). after lunch, walked around Arab St then went over to Sunntec.

on the way to Bugis on board bus 7, i spotted this which led me to thinking, only meant for gays? and no, i'm not trying to imply anything.

over at Suntec, went over to Cotton On, Carrefour then Toys'R'Us. after much walking, went over to B&J and pampered myself with ICE CREAM!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! B&J IS ORGASMIC!!!!!! then later, went over to Starbucks to meet up with Lydia. was planning to just chill out with Soosoo and use the wireless there but Lydia's nice and gave Soosoo raspberry cream and me, Java Chip. (: so while waiting for Lydia to knock off from work, Soo and i made full use of the wireless. (: before leaving starbucks, izwan made for Lyd i-got-no-idea-what-it-was, soo asked for whipped cream with caramel and i didn't ask for anything but he gave me lemonade, PINK lemonade.

so the three of us made our way to Cathay because Lyd wanna buy Vans. unfortumately, they didn't have a size 7. so we went over to cineleisure because they had a pair left there. Lyd bought it and walked out feeling very contented. haha. Lyd went back to Starbucks to meet wan so soo and i went back home. lalalaalalalalal~

and now i'm home, feeling very full. lol!

and and and, HAPPY 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY to my email a/c and me! (: thanks Hotmail for going through thick and thin with me. (:

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