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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
was working yesterday. and from far, i noticed a familiar face. as i walked nearer, my guess was right. it was none other than "famous" Amos! heh. ditched(ok, resigned from) TRU and joined Hasbro. (:

"hello Amos!"
"hello part-time tudung girl"

Kak Fad visited me at work yesterday. haha. yes Shasha, she visited me at work yesterday. and there was this new girl who thought she was my brother/cousin/whatever family relations she can think of. *shrugs

an old friend apologised for what she has been doing all this while. i guess i should apologise too for whatever i've said to offend her. (:

Rosdi and i chatted till 3 am in the morning (from about 2?) haha. been loooooooooong since i saw him. working with him was fun! Didi, IMY!

and today's class outing  is sooooooooooo uncalled for. and i'm already late!

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