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Saturday, September 13, 2008
Honestly, I have not been coming for STK’s training since after NDP. Dad told me to stop all silat activities prior to the end of NDP. There goes me, wanting to get at least a silver or gold for next year’s IVP. ): But most probably, I’ll still go to Selatra’s training since it is in school; easier for me to escape. Heh.

These lovelies ask me out tomorrow to Geylang despite my absence for more than a month. I’m grateful they still see me as part of the team. (:

Alhamdulillah, he’s save. Thanks Simatupang and Firdaus for entertaining my nonsense. (:

Eyecandy is l-o-v-e. (: Sar and I are sort of the BIGGEST fans eyecandy could have. We’re both the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the club! [:

Junaidi, Munzir, Hidayat, Nuraini, Nooraini, Sarah and Daud, when are we having dinner together?

Yesterday, conversations with fellow W16F-ians were very much interactive. Thanks Claire(even though Engsen and I do not really like you) for helping us start the rumour between (sexy voice) Zong Li and Janet. We sure had fun mocking them. Haha. I’m actually wanting a spot in that honour roll thingy in school. But somehow, I realized yesterday that maybe, honour roll’s a bit too far-fetched considering my current GPA. Simatupang said I can still work hard considering I still have Year 2 & Year 3 to achieve it. (: Impossible is nothing, yes?

Fatin, Firdaus, Faizah, Hazwan and Khairiah, can we go out for dinner someday?

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