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Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Despite it being the happiest day in the Islamic calendar, every year, when Syawal comes, same old same old. Bickering starts because of people being petty. But this year it's different. I added a twist to the story. I’m sorry, but I blew my cover by screaming at my mum. I couldn’t help it. It happened since morning, and it has been happening every year. “Crazy family”, you might say; “Lighten up, it’s raya!”, you might say; "Seek forgiveness!", you might say, but only god knows what torment I go through every year just to stay strong in front of my siblings.

And for your info, being plus-size in my family equals to discrimination till you slim down. Being plus size in my family is a crime. Period.

Now I'm stuck at home. No visiting of anyone this year. Breaks the record of always going out on the first day of raya. There goes me wanting to meet Ashly. There goes me wanting to meet Abg Zali. All thanks to mum who doesn't wanna go and dad whom is also not going cause mum's not going. So I'm stuck at home, waiting for a miracle to happen. So much for wanting to enjoy. Maybe I should iron my clothes for school tomorrow.

Selamat Hari Raya to me. :/

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