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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Disclaimer: It's a super long post. Or, maybe not, that depends.

So on Saturday, Engsen, Rendall, Jim, Farah and myself thon at Esplanade. Since volunteers for the Great Eastern Women 10K had to report around 0530, we decided to just overnight. Met up at Raffles City SC, then headed down to Lau Pa Sat for supper. After Lau Pa Sat, we basically loiter around to find a good place to just sit and chit chat.

Initially, we went to the mini Merlion, but there were a bunch of teenagers and they were making so much noise. We decided to move to Esplanade. Talking to Jim was crazy. Haha. Now I know, there's a softie beneath that body. :D

At around 4+, Eunice, Jo and JY joined us over at the Esplanade. While we were talking away, I fell asleep. -.-" Haha! Jo woke me up and off we were to The Padang. Over at the Padang, met up with Janet and reported to our IC. Changed into our volunteer shirt and camwhored a little.

Took the bus to Nicoll Highway to get ready in our positions. I was stationed at the U-Turn point together with Engsen. 2-3(maybe more) ladies fainted at various positions. There was one casualty over at my station and one more casualty over at the flyer station. But all and all, it was FUN! And i saw Ms Loretta, Ms Chin and Ms Joyce. And and and, i saw CATWOMAN! Really, it was a lady wearing he catwoman outfit. (Not the filmsy one though, that's like effing HOT)

Went home feeling giddy and effing sleepy. I wanted to alight at Dover, but ended up at Clementi instead. Thank god Engsen woke me up else I'd end up in Jurong. Lol.

Yesterday, went over to Ashraf's open house. Since Fatin had other plans last minute, thank god Su had time to squeeze in for me. Travelled all the way to Ubi to meet an old friend. Haha. Spend an hour plus only as Su had to leave for work. After Ubi, headed on to my grandaunt's place. Travelling alone + leaving ipod at home = a sucky and lonely trip to Jelapang. Haha! I got bored, so i started snapping pictures. :D

And lastly, presenting me! Heh.


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