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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
My initial plan was to update like a substantial post, but I'm in no mood to do it anyway. Sigh.

Birthday wishes from Sean, Liyana, Farah, CD and Nisa. *click on pictures to enlarge*

Shasha forgot it was my birthday, reason being

Sorry Fantastic 6, I'm too lazy to type down our outing. Some other day perhaps.

Birthday was also celebrated in school, training with fellow MCG mates for Reflections 2008. Right.

And there's training this whole week and by Sat, I'll prolly turn into, hmm. And Sunday, hopefully I'll turn up for work. I miss TRU and Yunus's working on that particular day. So yeah.

And I hope holidays will come sooner. I'm tired of Year 1 already. Year 2 please? I'll be good. Really.

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