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Monday, November 10, 2008

So as usual today, had Reflections training. I finally got my Silat steps right but I gotta speed up the movements. Not easy to remember for a newbie like me ok. Heh. Buuttttttt, the kechipak-kechipong dance (as labelled by Sam) is sooooooo merepek-nak-mampos. I got dizzy cause of so many turns to be made. And to those who are coming down, I'm gonna look like an idiot guys, dancing to that kechipak-kechipong dance with silat uni (to know more, wait for this Saturday aite?).

During Maghrib's break, we Selatra girls went to get snacks from TRCC. On the way back, Farah suggested playing catching. Yeah, of all games to ever entertain ourselves. I was just walking about, when Fiiez (the catcher) tapped my shoulder. So I was just walking around, then I started to run. I was a bit too fast, slipped at the stairs and my last two toes on the right leg got hit against the side surface and the impact was so strong I was partly limp. So I thought, maybe I should give about 5 mins to let it cool down. When I resumed to train, I couldn't do it. I couldn't bend my toes. I sat around the corner, hoping it'd be better. But noooooo, it got swollen. Sheesh. Ah, main lagi kat tangga. Padan muka kau. After the whole training, I requested Fir to help me out. And what happened next was soooo.....

When Fir started massaging, I screamed to the extent the whole building could hear me. That wasn't the worst part. So he started massaging to find the right vein. It was so painful, tears were streaming down my cheeks and I pulled back my feet. But he got the best of me and pulled it back. I think the massaging lasted about 15 minutes? So it was purely 15 mins of healing and pain and crying and laughing (cause Sam was spouting nonsense by the side just to make me laugh). My toes can be bent upwards without causing any pain but not downwards; it hurts like f***. (Note: Notice that I did not use "excruciating" pain. The reason being, most of them said Cik Mail's massage is far more painful than what Fir did. Ekin and Sam said Fir's massage is just 1/4 of the pain Cik Mail exerts. F***)

Hopefully it'll be better by tomorrow. Heh. Pray for it to heal faster! Heh.


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