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Saturday, December 20, 2008
Why? Why for once, can't I be angry at you for a very long time? 8:53 in the morning. I thought it was my alarm that I set at 9am. Apparently, it was a phone call from you instead. Why do you have to call me early in the morning? I told you already, I wake up late cause I really have got nothing to do at home. But no, you're still persistent on giving me wake up calls.

He wanted me to come down for his friendly match today. He needed/wanted to talk to me. As I was still deciding, he talked to me over the phone instead. Apologies were heard. He just didn't know how to tell it to me. All I know is, he isn't proud of the whole relationship. And he's really sorry he didn't tell me earlier. Apparently, I forgave him. Sigh.

Why? Why did I?

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