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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
"Aku ngan kau kwn je la...buto...."
"Fuck la.. wat ever it is that is over the limit"
"Aku suddenly takde mood dengan perempuan"
"Perempuan slalu kata dorg kena bastard.. Abeh aku camner...? Fuck gerlz.."

I was trying to help. But why must you do this to me? Why? What have I done to deserve all this? You told me to meet you up. I was outside so you came down instead. We walked around but you kept quiet all the way. You ended up telling me you have no mood. WTF. I'm really wanting to sort things out for you. How am I suppose to help if you're not picking up the pieces yourself? I'm defenseless too and venting your anger on me hurts me..

"Suffering in silence?? U gt any problems? Wats wrong?"
"Friendship problems i see... U noe i can live without friends... U must have that mentality to survive in this world"
"U noe sometimes when this happens, just let it go"
"I noe. Life sucks. But what to do. It's not like we can change the world.."
"Like i said, always think on the positive side and things will get better."

Thanks jun. I really needed that. (:


Why do this to me?

Why is my 2008 full of misery?

Will 2009 be better?

Only Allah s.w.t knows.

And so many thoughts lingering in my mind caused me to have restless nights. When can I ever get a peaceful sleep? Sigh.

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