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STK vs Grasio
Sunday, December 21, 2008
So yesterday, dragging my sister along, I went down to Pasir Ris CC to watch silat friendly match between STK & Grasio. I met Azmi and Naz there. Apparently, Macan Pasrah came down for a friendly match against Grasio too. (:

As I was happily snapping pictures, my digicam battery died on me. I forced my sister to accompany me buy batteries but she was lazy to go down so that was the end of my photos. -.-"

Kudos to STK for their respective matches. Despite those who didn't win their round, the whole team's still proud of their performance! And some opponents are just so exaggerating. There wasn't any outcome but they made it like it is. -.-" Whatever. Like my sister said, "He's so full of himself". True enough. The whole team felt like bringing him down. Sheesh.

Went home by train with Salihin, Itah, Alif and Tarmizi. (:

And as usual, Alif's performance was AWESOME. ((:

Pictures below! Heh. As usual, I'm always lazy to write.

Team A

Adib (Grasio) vs *I-got-no-idea-what-his-name-is* (STK)

*I-got-no-idea-what-her-name-is* (Grasio) vs Shazrin (STK)

*I-got-no-idea-what-her-name-is* (Grasio) vs Sharina (STK)

*I-got-no-idea-what-his-name-is* (Grasio) vs *I-thought-he's-Farhan-till-I-realised-last-Sat-he's-not* (STK)

So that's about it. I may be watching soccer match with the STK people later! :D


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