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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
So it's been a long time since I last got attached. Haha. I guess maybe it's about time I go find one. LOL. No wait, it's not an easy task.

Screw it. Wait till he comes find me. (:

David Choi finally smiles! (you might be wondering who the hell this guy is). Well, in my opinion, he's the most amazing youtube singer ever. AMAZING. :D Go check him out. The name's David Choi.

The first three days of holidays, including tomorrow, is sooooo going to be a super boring one. I should be in Ubin for a 2 day camp trip, but I ended up with MC on Monday. Damn. Sean's away in Penang having fun. Hopefully he comes back well. I sure don't want him to fall sick there. Take care Sean! (:

Yunus pm yesterday was, "Fuck oFF dont come talk to mi!". Poor boy. Hopes he find fun in work today. Must be a dread cause I'm not around for him to disturb. (Ya right. HAHA) Sunday is getting disturbed by "seniors-at-work" day! All the sweets in my bag which is conveniently hiding in my locker 3/4 gone because the boys self-service, thinks my locker is a provision shop and poof!, all sweets gone. -.-" Another victim is also my perfume. Tsk. Free flow. It's a girl's perfume and they go around, spraying themselves at 1 or 2am in the morning (after we knock off from work) and Khai will be screaming, "what smell is this?!". -.-" And I can still remember, Yunus's work shirt smells of my perfume. Tsk. Well, they are my only source of entertainment however. (:

Would you believe if I said I handmade the card? (:

Happy belated birthday Alif! (:

Back to rotting now.

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