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Embracing 2009 with open arms
Friday, January 02, 2009
So it's about time I leave behind 2008. But what happened in 2008 actually? Let's recall, in random order.

Attachment. ITE. Work. RP. E35Q. Selatra. Seligi Tunggal Kemuning. Alif Anwari. Lina. Yana. Rafi. Suhana. Shasha. Whoda. Tina. Liyana. Aeisha. Farah. Khairani. Fee. Sean. Afro. Falah. Fuad. AFF Suzuki Cup. Juzailah. Zai. Nazrul. Najiha. Rin. Nuruz. Shahril. Shaizah. Shi Li. Fatin. Firdaus. Hazwan. Zaidi. Zhein. Khairiah. Faizah. W16F. Neutral party. Wandi. And lastly, <3.

Thanks to all who have made an impact in my life. Whether good or bad, you made my 2008. Sorry if I did not mention your name. You slipped off my mind.

And lastly, to love, thanks for all the time you've spent with me. Hopefully, 2009 will be a better year for us, insya Allah. (:

"I wanna grow old with you.."

Love Story - Beethoven

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