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You think you know me aye?
Monday, January 12, 2009

I don't exactly know how to describe this feeling. It's wonderful. It hurts. It makes your heart melt. It makes your leg wobbly. It sweeps you off your feet. And sometimes, it makes you blind. What is it?

So anyway, Farah, Jing ying, Xiujing, Rendall, Engsen and myself were talking today. Tsk. So much to talk about.

And I discovered something today. Amazing how friendship with other people brings other people closer together. And you would be shock at how small Singapore really is.

And to end off, don't think you know me just by reading my blog posts. I'm NOT who you think I am. And don't put on a false pretense telling people what my character is like but in reality, we've never talked before. You don't know me yknow.

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