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Back from Cambodia
Saturday, February 21, 2009
Yeah. I'm back. Summary of what happened there yeah?

4:30am. Changi Airport. Jetstar. 1hr 30mins. Eileen. Yaojie. Kristy. Sam. Ian. Derek. Zoe. Evon. Meryl. Hui Qi. Melvyn. Song Wen. Dian. Nathan. Serene. Jesslyn. Siew Hui. Wilson. Zhengkai. JL. Jasper. KK. Gwen. Phnom Penh. Market. Caritas. Houseflies. Dog. Bakeries. Kandal. Dom. Meng. Torchlight. Cooking. Laundry. Beds. Mosquitoes. Bites. Captain's ball. Netball. Basketball. Volleyball. Biogasification. Composting. Fruit peels. Wedding. Pork. Pork. More pork. Sardine. Kankong. Fire wood. Lighter. Mosquito Coil. Street food. Snake. Hen. Rooster. Creampuffs. Haram. Russian Market. Old market. Valentine's Day. Rose. Pol Pot. Khmer. Genocide. Landmines. S-21. Killing fields. Lost wallet. Police report. 7 hour bus ride. Siem Reap. Lotus Lodge. War Museum. Angkor Wat. Angkor Temples. Sunset. Sunrise. 7 hour bus ride. Phnom Penh. Le President Hotel. More street food. Posh restaurant. 55th Birthday. Dragon head slaughter. No night life. 1hour Tuktuk ride. More and more street food. Caltex. Overslept. Phnom Penh International Airport. Jetstar. 1hr 30mins. Singapore. Cab. Home. (:

Thanks Kor kor. Remember your kakak always ok? (:
Thanks Melvyn for the rose on Valentine's. And you're welcome. Thanks for being my companion too. (:
Thanks Gwen for the ipod charger. :D
Thanks Dian for sharing stories with me. (:

I changed my mobile number. If you want it, ask me for it ok?

And thanks <3

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