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Monday, March 16, 2009

So as of today, another boy left me to serve the nation. Not fair! I'm starting to miss Boy#1 and now, Boy#2 has left. GAHHHH.

I'll miss my late night calls with him. Who's gonna entertain me now that he's gone? I didn't even bid him a proper goodbye. I was too engrossed with work yesterday till I totally forgot about him. :(

Well Falah, Thanks for all the shit you've gone through with me so far. Thanks for all the stories you share with me, the problems, the laughters and the tears you cried for me. I'll remember them.

I hope that, when you ORD, you'll be a better man than what you already are now. Pelan-pelan kayuh ok! Remember, if you need anyone to talk to, I'm ALWAYS here for you, like how you've been there for me all this while. (:

So, on Friday, Man booked out early & we went out! :D We went over to Esplanade and just sit-sit & talk-talk. We camwhored a little and then we headed to Suntec. Thought of dropping by at the IT fair but nooooooooo. TOO MANY PEOPLE! So then I headed down to starbucks to see whether Naz was working and she was! So after Suntec, we planned to go to marina barrage. We were already at the train station when Khai & Ira said they were at Esplanade. So we head back to Esplanade and walked to Clarke Quay. We left around midnight and Khai drove us back home. (:

So on Saturday, I met babyloves! Hahahahahaha. Khai, Wan, Fir, Faizah & myself went to the Supreme Court to check out their open house. We even got to see a re-enactment of a court trial. It wasn't a first for me though. I've seen a trial before. Not in the mood to type now. My flu is killing me. Basically its, City Hall to Bugis to Clarke Quay to Chinatown to Outram. (: AND I GOT TO MEET MY SAYANG AFTER SO MANY MONTHS! XD

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