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Monday, March 30, 2009
Ever since I've been shifted to the Entrance counter, life has been a boredom. And when there's an influx of customer, there's really ALOT of customers. I hate it when they go, "Can I try this set?". So after all the hassle of taking off the item, unscrew the battery port, screw it back in, trying it out, they go, "Sorry, I don't want this item. Thank you". KNNCCB.

I also hate it when customers come to us and say, "I got this item as a gift, but my daughter/son don't like it. Can I change it for something else?". You got it as a gift for goodness sake. Just take it la. Or better still, keep it and give it to someone else. Tsk. People nowadays. They don't appreciate. If I'm the one who bought it as a gift to someone else and later found out it was exchanged, I'd go up to the person and say, "CB, I buy then you go & exchange it?! FUCK you."

So Wandi's chalet has been pushed all the way to either August or September. Boss is maybe making a chalet this coming April. Cool shit. I'll make sure I come down. XD

And I just found out yesterday night that Mewmew's single. Whoots~ Hahahahahahahah. XD

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