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So long, Alif Anwari
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So now a piece of me has left to serve the nation. He'll definitely be missed. It's a pity he didn't want me to send him off this morning. All because he said, "tak payah la, mak aku nak hantar".

I met him last Wednesday and all I said was, "I'll miss you". He said it wasn't necessary to miss him. He'll sms me every now and then. He then punched me on the arm and said, "dah dah, pergi buat kerja. takmo rindu aku". Damn. He made me wanna cry. I'm gonna miss that heart melting smile..

All the best Alif Anwari. I'll be here waiting for your return. (:

So this Saturday, I'll be heading to RP in the morning with Abang Pi dearest. Gahh. Been long since I last saw him. Then, I'll meet Man and off we'll go to Supreme Court's family day to meet Khai, Wan and maybe Faizah. After Supreme Court's done, Man and myself will head down to East Coast to meet up with Khai, Mira, Andy, Wani and Az to celebrate's Andy's birthday! XD

And on Monday, I'll be going for a job interview. What job, you ask?
Part time Conversational Trainer under GNS School of Business & Technology
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