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4 more days till school re-opens
Thursday, April 16, 2009
After the 2 month long (is it 2? i think it was 4. Hmm) holidays, finally, school's starting pretty soon. I think my holidays was quite wasted (only on the days I was rotting at home). But I sure had my own time of spending it. So many things was said and done, so many new friends made; holidays are awesome, if you know how to spend it well.

Nizam's text yesterday sure was a shock to me. Out of the blue. He went down to CPF building over at Jurong to get his statement. He jokingly asked me along and he was done in 15 minutes. Maybe next tim Nizam. Rudi also talked to me yesterday. Same old same old- the selfish, arrogant guy. Tsk. Maybe ego got all over his head.

Kamal has shown me signs of ignorance. Great. So much for not wanting to ignore. Gahh. I hate flings. Tsk. They suck. Oh well. I can't wait to get my hands on Angels & Demons. :D :D :D

And you know the rain won't last forever
And you know the storm won't always flow
But if the sun don't shine forever
You gotta let it go

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