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Monday, April 20, 2009
The Good

So yesterday night, I had a random outing with Farid. I called him up, saying that I wanted to go to Marina Barrage and since he was free for the night, he agreed to bring me there. Yay! He reached my place at 8 and his scrambler was damn damn noisy. (I swear I had difficulty reaching his bike. Blame the height) When he was making corners, my heart felt like dropping out. The corners he made was like, !@#$%&$.

Marina Barrage is damn damn AWESOME at night. The wind was strong. The time spent with Farid was priceless. The wind, the "live band", the "camera girl", him and the view in front of us just made my night. Thank you so much Farid for the time spent. (:

The Bad

As soon as I reached home, I could not sleep. I slept only at 2 and woke up at 4. Dammit. -.-

The Ugly

I was 15 mins late for school. All because the train I boarded had a technical glitch, causing us to alight at BB and take the next train. As soon as it reached Gombak, I met Engsen and cuteguy! Hahahahahah. The whole of us were cursing & swearing. But oh well. As soon as we reached Woodlands, I saw Aeisha. Thank god. She waited. Thanks babe! I even met Korkor! :D

And the faci in this recombinant DNA module is mendak-nak-mampos-aku-rasa-everytime-class-dia-aku-leh-tido.


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