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Thursday, April 09, 2009
Life has taken a toll on me. I fell sick out of the blue. I had fever and sore throat. It actually made me sacrifice my time with my dosage of laughter drugs. Not fair! After 2 days of rotting at home, my fever subsided but not my throat. It's getting worst! I'm guessing it's my tonsils. Damn. Whatever that I consume, feels like as if it's going to come out as vomit. *Prolly the fastest way to slim down. Heh*

Sitting at home for a week, away from work is the ultimate awesomeness. :D

I suddenly crave for Chocolate Cream Chip with whipped cream. Fir, buy for me! Hehe. :D

Gahh. I don' know what else to write. Bleargh.

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