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Friday, May 29, 2009

It’s the last day of school today! 2 weeks baby! Heh. So since we had practical today and it ended quite early, Sha drove us down to Woodlands Point for lunch. They are the kind of gfs you’d love to be with.

The faci is just so amazing today. Can’t believe he’s really nice and all. Guess he needed time to open up to a bunch of weird shitass kids. Haha! Faci, wa caya sama lu.

Alamak, aku macam craving Wantan Noodle ar. Tsk.

I miss FARID. If only he didn’t have school today, we could have met. ): Wasted. I’ll ask whether he’d be free tomorrow. (: But most prolly, it’d be a no. 2 reports needs to be rushed. Sigh. B, burn your reports and assignments and go out with me instead! IMY.

I don’t understand why IM still lingers around. I mean, I already said that I don’t have any feelings for him. Yet, he still pin hopes on me that I’ll be his someday. Seriously, don’t do this to me. It makes me have guilty conscience. It’s like as if it’s a burden I need to carry around. Sigh. This is killing me softly.

Baby, I miss you.

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